ObSINT Timeline

In the Timeline section, you can find a detailed record of the changes and updates that have been made to the ObSINT platform and the Guidelines. This section serves as a resource for users who want to stay informed about the latest developments and improvements in the platform and the Guidelines.

We understand that staying up-to-date with changes to the platform or the Guidelines can be challenging, especially when updates are frequent. The Timeline section is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily review changes made to the ObSINT and its Guidelines in one place, and provides a comprehensive history of all modifications, feature enhancements, and other improvements to the platform.

Our team is committed to continuously improving the ObSINT and its Guidelines to ensure that it remains a reliable and user-friendly tool for our users. We believe that the Timeline section is an essential component of this commitment, and we encourage our users to check it regularly to stay informed about any updates.

  • ObSINT, a collective of like-minded organisations dedicated to conducting public-facing open-source investigative work (OSINT), is proud to announce the launch of its first website.

  • ObSINT is happy to present the first version of its guidelines for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) organisations in Europe and beyond.

  • The development of the European OSINT Guidelines has reached an important milestone as the first draft has been sent for external review. This marks a significant step towards ensuring that the guidelines are comprehensive and effective in promoting responsible and ethical practices in the use of open-source intelligence. Feedback from the wider OSINT community is essential in shaping the guidelines to meet the expectations of those who rely on OSINT for decision-making. The collaboration and engagement of external organisations are integral to the success of the guidelines, and we look forward to receiving their input to further improve the document.

  • Following their inaugural meeting in Oslo in June, European Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) organisations and fact-checkers reconvened in Madrid with the goal of finalising their respective documents.

  • At the invitation of the European Fact Checker Standard Network (EFCSN) consortium, and following a vote, European Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) organisations were invited to gather with fact-checking organisations in Oslo.