OSINT Organisation meets in Madrid with the European fact-checkers

27 September 2022

While fact-checkers reviewed their work, OSINT organisations focused on creating the first draft of their upcoming Guidelines for European OSINT organisations.

Two days of hard work

Under the supervision of EU DisinfoLab, participants spent two long days working on the Guidelines. Their collaborative efforts led to a concise set of Guidelines that laid the foundation for the publication of its first public version.

A long road ahead

Despite the successful completion of the first draft, driven by the open mindset of all organisations present and their clear determination to tackle this issue, there is still a long road ahead before the Guidelines are officially released. The next steps involve refining the document, gathering feedback from the broader OSINT community, and ensuring that the Guidelines effectively address the challenges faced by European OSINT organisations.


The Madrid meeting signifies the continued dedication of European OSINT organisations and fact-checkers to establishing industry standards and best practices. As the development of the OSINT Guidelines progresses, it is essential to maintain the spirit of collaboration and open-mindedness displayed by all organisations involved. Their commitment to advancing the field will not only benefit European OSINT organisations but also contribute to the global understanding and practice of open-source intelligence.

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